New Dawn Humanitarian Foundation (NEDAHUF) is a Non-governmental, Non-Profit Organization that provides range of services to both teeming members and non-members in terms of interventions that will improve their livelihood whether in business or private lives across Nigeria.

At New Dawn Humanitarian Foundation (NEDAHUF), we consistently strive to ensure a hungry and corruption free society. Our hardline posture as culture, team work, undiluted best corporate governance standards and thirst for corruption and hungry free society has enabled us maintain consistent growth in our membership at individual and corporate level. We are as well a wonderful champion in the fight against corruption and estuation in the grant community in Nigeria.

The NEDAHUF vision is to become a great engine room that will bring smiles to the faces of downtrodden in our society by providing skill acquisition training, little startups assets, agricultural inputs and training, and intensive campaign and search for an endurable solution that will curtail the excesses of lack and poverty.

NEDAHUF is currently partnering with AFRICUNIA Bank to bring succor and to bring millions of Nigeria out of poverty through a sustainable agricultural grant and more are working in progress.


We are a destined squad driven with passion to build a hungry and corruption free Nation that will be pride for all.
We’re analogous to revolution, inculcating the spirit of self-reliance and providing a distinction in our services that will serve as a role model in our society


The Foundation is aware of important actors and individuals working actively in our focus areas and we employ networking and partnership building as tools to expand our reach. We work towards establishing a wide array of collaborative relationships aimed at leveraging additional human and material resources to maximize our impact


We are an excellent Non-Profit, Non-governmental Organization poised to bridge the gap between the have and have not with the zeal to get it right at all times while bringing smile to the faces of the downtrodden in our society.



We are dedicated to harnessing internal and external human resources and expertise for better outcomes of our interventions.


We stick to the principles and practice of transparency/openness within and with partners and clients


We are committed to providing and achieving the highest standard in what we do.


We continue to apply new ideas and seek new ways of doing things to achieve the best in a fast changing world.


We learn from our works and those of others, applying the lessons on continuous basis to achieve the desired change.


Equal treatment of all in rights and privileges