Please follow these instructions carefully for a successful grant application through New Dawn Humanitarian Foundation.

1. New Dawn Humanitarian Foundation is partnering with Africunia Bank to provide Agriculture Grant
2. The grant application is to be done on Africunia Bank's website only
3. Please be careful of Impersonating platforms and individuals wanting to charge you for accessing the Africunia Bank's grant. NEDAHUF is the only AUTHORIZED NGO by Africunia Bank through which the grant can be accessed and is TOTALLY FREE OF COST.
4. There are two (2) processes you must follow. The first is "APPLY FOR GRANT" and the second is "SUBMIT BUSINESS PROPOSAL". Both are mandatory for a valid application.
I. First click on "APPLY FOR GRANT"
(a) Do the registration by filling out the form you see. (while filling the form, do not change the referral ID on the form)
(b) Do the KYC by providing and uploading all required documents.
( c ) Apply for the grant by supplying all required details. DO NOT UPLOAD ANY BUSINESS PROPOSAL. Skip the part that request you submit business proposal and submit your application.
II. Second step, return to this page and click on "SUBMIT BUSINESS PROPOSAL" and fill in the blank spaces correctly and truthfully. Click on submit
5. Your grant application would not be validated if you don't complete both phases of the process. First is done by clicking on "APPLY FOR GRANT" and the second is done by clicking on "SUBMIT BUSINESS PROPOSAL".

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